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radiocarbon date Radiocarbon dates (445)

Site Lab ID Context Material Taxon Method Uncalibrated age Calibrated age References
Monteleone AA-18111 NA NA 9750±175 BP CalPal
Vallone Inferno Beta-314642 charcoal NA NA 9450±50 BP CalPal
Grotta di Cladreccis DU- NA NA 5220±100 BP CalPal
Ripoli F-31 charcoal NA NA 5110±210 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans F-78 charcoal NA NA 5020±180 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans F-79 charcoal NA NA 4325±170 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans F-80 charcoal NA NA 4800±170 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans F-81 charcoal NA NA 4840±190 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans F-82 charcoal NA NA 4910±200 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans F-83 charcoal NA NA 4450±180 BP CalPal
Grotta Corbeddu, Oliena GrN-15001 Level 2.1e/g charcoal NA NA 8470±490 BP CalPal
Pescio Ranaro, Guarcino LUNK-0872 NA NA 9730±150 BP CalPal
Arene Candide, Finale Ligure Pi-27bis charcoal NA NA 6487±175 BP CalPal
Riparo di Vatte di Zambana R-487A layers 2 and 3 charcoal NA NA 7250±110 BP CalPal
Riparo di Vatte di Zambana R-488A layer 5, hearth I charcoal NA NA 7585±75 BP CalPal
Grotta dell'Acqua Calda R-677 charcoal NA NA 3690±60 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans UtC-1001 charcoal NA NA 4000±100 BP CalPal
Grotta Corbeddu, Oliena UtC-1251 NA NA 6690±80 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans UtC-1668 charcoal NA NA 3960±60 BP CalPal
Saint-Martin-de-Corléans UtC-1669 charcoal NA NA 4220±110 BP CalPal


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