The data in this application can also be accessed in JSON format with direct requests to an API. Use the following URL to access all (public) dates.


You can also filter the data with this interface to only access the subsets relevant for you. With the following URL you get - for example - only one date with the Lab Number AAR-1847.


The | ("pipe") operator allows you to combine multiple filter keys. | represents a logical OR. That means the following URL will give you both dates AAR-1847 and KN-2506.


You can also combine multiple filter criteria by adding filter parameters to the URL with the & ("and") operator. The parameters are combined with a logical AND. The following query will therefore give you all dates measured on charcoal from Germany.


Heres a list of the available filter criteria:

  • query_labnr
  • query_site
  • query_site_type
  • query_country
  • query_feature
  • query_material
  • query_species