XRONOS is currently maintained by Martin Hinz and Joe Roe at the Institute of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bern, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF Project #198152).

Initial development was conducted by Caroline Heitz, Clemens Schmid, and Martin Hinz in 2019.


  • Beat Eberschweiler, cantonal archaeologist (director), Baudirektion, Amt für Raumentwicklung, Kanton Zürich
  • Sönke Szidat Head of research group, LARA, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bern
  • Tomasz J. Chmielewski, independent scholar, Wrocław, Poland (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic)

Contributing datasets

XRONOS is continuously updated with data from a number of existing databases and compilations, including:

  • AIDA (maintained by Alessio Palmisano, Andrew Bevan, Alex Kabelindde, Neil Roberts & Stephen Shennan)
  • CalPal (maintained by Bernhard Weninger; made available by Clemens Schmid)
  • CONTEXT (maintained by U. Böhner & D. Schyle)
  • EUBAR (maintained by Gacomo Capuzzo)
  • RADON (maintained by Martin Hinz & Christoph Rinne)

It also incorporates data from the following publications:

  • Manning, K., Colledge, S., Crema, E., Shennan, S. and Timpson, A., 2016. The Cultural Evolution of Neolithic Europe. EUROEVOL Dataset 1: Sites, Phases and Radiocarbon Data. Journal of Open Archaeology Data, 5, p.e2. DOI: