Vogel and Waterbolk 1968

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@misc{Vogel and Waterbolk 1968,
{"bibtex_key":"Vogel and Waterbolk 1968","bibtex_type":"misc"}
:bibtex_key: Vogel and Waterbolk 1968
:bibtex_type: :misc

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There are 3 records in XRONOS that cite this reference.

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radiocarbon date Radiocarbon dates (1)

Site Lab ID Context Material Taxon Method Uncalibrated age Calibrated age References
Elateia GrN-3041 charcoal NA 14C 7190±100 BP Vogel and Waterbolk 1968 Weninger 2022

typological date Typological dates (1)

Site Classification Estimated age References
Elateia Neolithic NA Vogel and Waterbolk 1968


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