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Site Lab ID Context Material Taxon Method Uncalibrated age Calibrated age References
Franchthi Cave OxA-21069 SID:Fra 1. H1B, Unit 203, Stratum R seashell Tritia pellucida AMS 23510±90 BP Doukaetal2011
Franchthi Cave OxA-21070 SID:Fra 5. FAS, Unit 217, Stratum R seashell Dentaliidae AMS 41080±390 BP Doukaetal2011
Franchthi Cave OxA-21115 SID:Fra 10. FAS, Unit 226, Stratum P seashell Dentaliidae AMS 30410±160 BP Doukaetal2011
Franchthi Cave OxA-21351 SID:Fra 9. FAS, Unit 224, Stratum P seashell Dentaliidae AMS 26910±120 BP Doukaetal2011
Franchthi Cave OxA-21615 SID:Fra 3. H1B, Unit 210, Stratum R, d:0.20 above the tephra seashell Homalopoma sanguineum AMS 32110±200 BP Doukaetal2011
Franchthi Cave OxA-21616 SID:Fra 4. H1B, Unit 215, Stratum P, d:0.10-0.20 beneath the tephra seashell Dentaliidae AMS 35600±250 BP Doukaetal2011


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