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:bibtex_key: FishmanLaw1978;KutscheraStadler2000;ManningetalWeninger1992;Myersetal1992
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Site Lab ID Context Material Taxon Method Uncalibrated age Calibrated age References
Knossos (Unexplored Mansion) P-2046 SID:2. doorway between basement Rooms 21 & 33, beam or wall cupboard portion, d:2.00 below top of surviving walls resin (charred) NA NA 3820±50 BP FishmanLaw1978;KutscheraStadler2000;ManningetalWeninger1992;Myersetal1992
Knossos (Unexplored Mansion) P-2048A SID:4. basement Room 21, beam or wall cupboard portion, d:2.00 below top of surviving walls charcoal Cupressus sempervirens NA 3460±50 BP FishmanLaw1978;KutscheraStadler2000;ManningetalWeninger1992;Myersetal1992
Knossos P-2441 Palace. SID:1, C V 3, remaining sec of floor in S Terrace basements, d:0.05 below old excavation (A. Evans) surface charcoal NA NA 3060±60 BP FishmanLaw1978;KutscheraStadler2000;ManningetalWeninger1992;Myersetal1992


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