XRONOS database online

By XRONOS development team, 2021-07-02 01:00:00 UTC

As of today, our team, especially Joe Roe, has completed the first important step towards realising the goals of XRONOS: the installation and release of the pilot version of the database! You can access the XRONOS DB at

We are thrilled that we can already hand over one of the largest 14C databases worldwide to the public. In its current version, XRONOS currently contains 42’689 14C data, which have been compiled from various databases worldwide and published here. But this is only the first step. Now it is time to simplify the use of the database and make it more accessible, to check and qualify the data itself, to advance the development of the associated R package and, above all, to create the modules for the input and processing of dendro data.

Much work remains, but after the delays caused by Corona and Brexit, and after the first six months of the project’s life, this is nevertheless a moment we would like to celebrate. Especially as, to our knowledge, we currently have the only radiocarbon database in the world that can be accessed via an API.

The current step and the success will be an incentive for us to push the further development of the database with the highest energy in order to achieve our ambitious goals. We are highly motivated to make this happen and look forward to further challenges.